Jon Niccoli

Jon Niccoli | Improv Colorado Troupe MemberAfter retiring from the military, Jon started teaching classes for the DoD in Colorado Springs. He stumbled onto improv while looking for ways to improve his teaching skills. Upon taking a few improv classes in Denver, he discovered how enjoyable it could be. Being a Springs inhabitant, finding an improv troupe close to home meant less time on I-25 and an all-round means to better living!

“The best part of being on the stage is connecting with a team of other players and bringing out all the silliness in life, because there is plenty of it!” While taking one of Improv Colorado’s Saturday morning workshops, the troupe noticed he was an improv natural. They invited Jon to audition, and happily welcomed him to the troupe in November 2021. Says Jon, “It’s great to be a part of just a happy and fun group of players.”