Native American Name:  Broken Wing

Age: Very nearly 50-something

Favorite Food: Spicy Bulgogi

Favorite Improv Memory:  The message that started with “Yeah come on back for more please.”

Dogs or Cats:  Give me an animal that doesn’t appear to be planning to overthrow the household. 

What I’ve learned about improv:  “Yes, And…” is harder than it sounds, but I think I’m getting better.

Something random, but true about me: I have a pretty good sized comic book collection, and I used to draw a comic strip for my office back in the '90s.

Something conventional, but false about me:  I’m a big fan of football and sports in general.

Something confusing, and either true or false about me:  I once broke my arm falling from the dizzying height of 1 foot onto a brick, later I broke my hand on someone’s arm, and much later I broke seven bricks with that same hand. The cycle is complete.

Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer?  There is… only one captain.  I… choose… Kirk!


As a child, Steve spent hours pretending to be other people.  Those impressions, accents, and an increasingly odd sense of humor began as a defense mechanism for a quiet and geeky kid, but developed into a unique personality.  Quiet when you first meet him, you may be surprised to find that once he gets to know you he can talk a blue streak.  You might also be surprised to find him difficult to shut-up at times. 


Steve spent 21 years in the Air Force, subjecting people all over the country to his voices and personalities, and somehow managed to retire without being submitted for a mental evaluation.  He learned to speak in front of groups while in the military, and once he realized it really wouldn’t kill him he started to have some fun with it. His first memorable performance in front of a group was a reading of current news events a-la Andy Rooney. That whetted his appetite for performing, but opportunity wasn’t knocking.

Eventually he realized that opportunity was not likely to come looking for him, so he started looking for it instead. Now he keeps his impressions and accents in his back pocket, as he looks for new chances to be in front of the same crowds that used to intimidate when he was just a young airman