Ingrid Holst

You ever felt so aimless and empty you search for guidance in meaningless drivel? Rather than interpret the patterns of potholes or the whimpers of sleeping dogs, Ingrid let a dream bully her into improv.

Ingrid had wandered the Earth, devoid of meaningful amusement, her life lacking soul-nourishing diversion, her days and nights as flat and dull as a thrift store butter knife. Poetry, drawing, theatre, photography... Nothing provided her an answer to the most basic of small-talk questions, until finally her husband cried out, "What do we need to do to get you a hobby?" That very night, Ingrid dreamed. She was pulled on stage (naked, but that's dreams for you) and invited to make things up, throw forethought to the wind- just BE. REACT. PLAY. With the last words of an impromptu song still on her lips, she awoke. Ingrid had find local improv!

And so she did. And so she's here. And so are you. Enjoy!