Native American Name: Short and Mighty Squaw

Age: 30

Fav food: BBQ chicken pizza

Fav Improv Memory: impersonating my wonderful New York Jewish Grandmother

Dogs or Cats: both, but I have 2 dogs

What I've learned about Improv: Say yes and get out of your comfort zone!

Something random and True: I have 4 holes in my left ear and 3 in my right.

Something conventional and false: I mow the lawn on a regular basis

Something confusing and true or false: I've been to Canada exactly one time, and was immediately detained and strip searched at the border.

Kirk, Picard....: umm Dumbledore?

I emailed the improv team hoping to attend a workshop, with the intention of gaining wit and skills useful for teaching my high school physics class. The request for a workshop quickly escalated into an official audition, where I made a fool of myself in front of professional strangers for an hour. They proceeded to invite me to make a fool of myself with them regularly. Now I get to have lots of fun making up all kinds of random things with these wonderful people every week!