Favorite Food: Brain Food

Favorite Improv Memory: Driving to my audition.

Dogs or Cats: I have to choose? This is my nightmare.

What I’ve learned about improv: Magic is real.

Something random, but true about me: I delight in an unexpected, awkward moment. Like the one you and I are sharing  riiiiight nooooowwww.

Something conventional, but false about me: I thought of several clever responses to this.

Something confusing, and either true or false about me: I take the road less traveled... even when it starts getting more traveled.

Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway or Archer?  Picard.

If you get the opportunity to spend time with this Improv Colorado player, it is highly recommended that you make her laugh. You can then experience one of the most powerful and contagious laughs of all time.

Kathryn is a modern-day, female Dr. Doolittle, minus the fictional doctorate. Domesticated animals flock to her, seeking attention and understanding from this kindred spirit. As the granddaughter of a veterinarian, Kathryn learned as a wee one to speak meaningful gibberish to animals, care for them and frolic with them. However, it's a different story when the animals are undomesticated. In those situations, Kathryn begins imagining escape plans should a wild animal with nothing to lose potentially appear near her.

Kathryn has found that all these characteristics and skills serve her well in the art of improv.